Amputee Legs - Sierra Leona 2009

In one side of Freetown, Sierra Leona exists an old camp of amputees who were injured during the war between 1991-2001. Some of them stepped over a mine, others received a bull from the rebels and the most of them lost their families and started a new hard life with only one foot or arm.The goverment built this camp for the amputees and received help from handicaped international organisations. Some of them receive also help from their family, friends or foreing peolple to leave the place, but some are still there sharing small rooms with the family or friends, some of them have a work and some not, but they still figth to find a better way to live.

They are part of one soccer team the Single Legs Amputee Club, who practice every Saturday at the Alberdeen beach. This serie of portraits were taken in Freetown, Sierra Leona inside of alberdeen camp at the end of 2009 (12/2009)and represent the humanitarian consequenses of one of the most important  armed conflict in Africa.

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