Mines of Diamond - Sierra Leona

We are in the west of Sierra Leona, In Kono y Tongo, places rich in diamonds. The civil war has finish and the cities are sustained thanks to the trade of diamonds. At the main place for diamond trading, we find the Africans that dig the soil searching for the miraculous stone. They can spend more than a month looking in the same place, until one gem that looks less than a raisin appears between the sand. Maybe they will get US800 for one stone that will be price in New York for no less than US10.000.

They work really hard for 10 hours a day and receive in average one dollar and if they find a dimond they receive 30% of the price for it, a 30% more will go to the owner of the land and the 40% to the contractor, but workers will always receive less than they deserve.