Bruno Gallardo (Chili, 1976) studied Bussines and Administration before becoming a photographer. After that he went to Barcelona to study photography at the Institut d’ Estudis Fotografics of Catalunya in 2005-2007. Then he took a postgraduate course of Photojournalism at the UAB in 2008.

Bruno spent the latest years covering world changing events in Africa, Asia, Middle East and South America. His last project “Temporary Shelter in Bosnia” is about the places where migrants live and wait in Bosnia, before trying to cross into Croatia to allow their entry into Europe. He collaborates with AFP, EPA, Dpa, Anadolu Agency among others and with differents NGO’s.

His work has been published by World Time, Washington Post, Seatle Globalist, VredesMagazine, CNN,Memo Midle East Monitor, The Guardian, The Daily Beast, The Boston Globe,El Pais, Deutschlandfunk, Irish Times, Corriere della Sera and Paris Match among others.